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Music to your server's ears.

RadiYo! allows you to listen to internet radio stations in Discord

✔ 100% free

✔ Very legal and very cool

✔ No need to add songs to queue

A trio of lads dancing around a disco ball


Unlike those other Discord bots, RadiYo! streams from internet radio stations. This means it is completely legal and will not be shutdown.

Because RadiYo! streams radio stations, you don't pick and choose each song you want to play. Instead, you find a station that is playing music you like and let their DJ's do the rest. This lets you worry more about your ranked match instead queuing up the next song. RadiYo! includes a feature to search for a station by an artist that's currently playing, this should help you find the right music to fit the mood.

How to use

RadiYo! uses Discord's fancy new slash commands, this means all of RadiYo's commands will autocomplete as soon as you type /radio

Below is a referential list of RadiYo's commands:
(All commands start with /radio)

Command Description
play <query> starts a radio station based on your query. try searching by a artist!
browse shows stations we recommend you try! feeling lost? start here!
asearch <artist> search for streams by artist
gsearch <genre> search for streams by genre
stsearch <station> search for streams by station name
stop stops the stream


For help, questions, or comments on RadiYo, you can join our community Discord server.

If you have found a bug or have a feature request, please raise an issue in the Github repo